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Session topics:

-Extent, state and change of wetlands

-Wetland forest ecosystems and functioning

-Biogeochemistry of tropical swamp forests

-Wetland hydrology and flows of matter

-Human impacts on wetlands

-Agricultural ecosystems on wetland soils

-Greenhouse gas fluxes in wetlands

-Biogeochemical modelling under changing climate

-Environmental microbiology of wetlands

-Coastal ecosystems under global change

-Heavy metals

-Remote sensing in wetlands

-State-of-the-art tools for wetland assessment

-Military activity and wetlands

-Biodiversity and wetlands

-Conservation biology of wetlands

-Restoration of wetland ecosystems

-Turquoise infrastructure in urban society

-Constructed wetlands for water treatment

-Trends in wetland ecosystem services

-Management planning in wetlands


Technical tours to:

   natural and restored mires, constructed  wetlands and lakes